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Frequently Asked Questions

How old should a child be to receive services?

Any and all ages are welcome at Prairie Sky Speech! It is never too early to support communication. We support children of all ages. If your child is having difficulty understanding or being understood or if they have a limited vocabulary it is appropriate to seek services.

Will my child grow out of it on their own?

Speech and/or language therapy services can support the growth of language and speech sound development for children at all ages. Some children will develop these skills on their own; however, therapy can help smooth the path for them to acquire these skills. If you’re in doubt seek an assessment!

Who should book with Prairie Sky Speech?

Prairie Sky Speech focuses on children of all ages from preschool through graduation.
Prairie Sky Speech therapists are licensed with both Manitoba and Saskatchewan licensing bodies and are available to provide service for families from Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Please contact Prairie Sky Speech for further information on how we can best meet your needs!

Where is Prairie Sky Speech Located?

Prairie Sky Speech is located within the Moosomin Therapy Center at 708 Main St in Moosomin SK.
Online, Teletherapy services, are available for those unable to attend sessions at the clinic or whom would prefer to attend from the comfort of their own home.

What does a typical appointment look like?

Assessment and treatment sessions will be conducted using a variety of books, toys, movement and games. Assessment helps to guide the therapy plan outlining the best treatment approach for your child. Treatment sessions are individualized for each client and built around the therapy plan to target functional goals to better your child’s communication skills.

How often will therapy sessions be booked?

Weekly and bi-weekly sessions are most common. Appointment frequency will be determined based on the needs of your child and will be discussed with the family following the assessment.

Are private speech language therapy services covered by health insurance?

Prairie Sky Speech provides assessment and treatment on a fee-for-service basis. However, many insurance plans provide coverage, up to a certain amount, similar to massage therapy or physiotherapy. Receipts are issued for families to submit to their insurance for reimbursement.

Attending private speech language therapy may be beneficial for your family if your child is on a waiting list with a public service, in conjunction with a public service, and/or to supplement services from another agency.


Contact Prairie Sky Speech directly and book online or via phone to schedule an appointment! A referral form is not required.

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